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Widening Economic Inequality In Minnesota

The latest report from Growth & Justice adds important details and an intriguing new “ask” to the critical public policy challenge of our time—escalating economic inequality in our nation and in Minnesota. The attached report, “Widening Economic Inequality in Minnesota: Causes, Effects, and a Proposal for Estimating Its Impact in Policymaking,” makes these key points:

Much attention this week is being drawn to the very important racial dimension of our nation’s inequality problem and Growth & Justice will continue analyzing and prescribing policies that reduce racial disparities in education, employment and income. But this report provides important context for the broader problem of inequality in the United States and Minnesota, namely the continuing shift of income and wealth to households at the top of the scale and declining income and wealth for those in the middle and lower ranges.

The report has been making headlines across the state and has also been picked up by media outlets in North and South Dakota. 

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