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Equity Action Guide

Over the past two years, Growth & Justice has worked with Region Five Development Commission (R5DC) to produce the Equity Action Guide for Rural Communities, created by a team of community champions from Growth & Justice with the support of the R5DC staff and project team members. It responds to requests from rural Minnesotans for a road map on how to create equitable economic ecosystems (E3). The guide shares stories from people who have worked on equity and inclusion in small to mid-sized communities for a long time. These case studies showcase emerging practices in equitable and inclusive community and economic development. You can read the Rural Communities Equity Action Guide below or at this link. To read more about R5DC's work and to find other resources, visit their Welcoming Communities page. 


Presentation of Equity Action Guide at TRUE Tuesday 

On Tuesday, April 13, the Transforming Rural Understanding of Equity (TRUE) partnership hosted a TRUE Tuesday on Sharing Your Rural Narrative. Panelists from around the state shared how they utilized storytelling “to help deepen the understanding of what local residents are doing on a daily basis to advance equity and anti-racism work in their communities, and to learn what is needed to sustain the emotionally taxing work of being from, working within, and living the change you wish to see in your community,” the event description reads. During the session, Growth & Justice President Jane Leonard and Mónica Segura-Schwartz with the Latino Economic Development Center presented on the Rural Communities Equity Action Guide. You can access a recording of the session here. 

WJJY Radio Interview 

In January, Growth & Justice President Jane Leonard and Dawn Espe of Region Five Development Commission spoke with WJJY Radio about the Equity Action Guide for their program "Community Focus." You can listen to the interview here. 

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