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ENEWS: Legislative wrap-up, Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2021

Date Published: 05/26/2022


Final legislative wrap-up

Minnesota’s legislative session ended earlier this week. While the governor and leaders discussed a special session to wrap up work on issues that weren’t addressed before the session deadline, they have not yet reached an agreement on one. To read about where key issues stand after the end of the 2022 session, check out this article from the Duluth News Tribune. It covers tax cuts/rebate checks, public safety & police recruitment, education and K-12 schools, long term care and group homes, unemployment trust fund/payroll tax, checks for front-line workers, paid family leave & sick time, bonding bill for local projects, drought relief and bird-flu resources, and growler feed and liquor changes. Much of the work on these issues was left undone by the session deadline. One issue that was addressed and received funding is broadband; you can read this blog post from the Blandin Foundation about the unprecedented funding. 

Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2021 report 

On Monday, the Federal Reserve Board released their Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2021 report detailing the findings of their ninth annual Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking (SHED). The report “indicates that self-reported financial well-being reached its highest level since the survey began in 2013,” according to the Federal Reserve Board. You can find the report, fact sheet, downloadable data, data visualizations, and a video on this webpage. 

Key findings from the report on overall financial well-being included: 

Minnesota Equity Map Spotlight 

This week’s spotlight is on Itasca Waters. Read the full story on the Equity Map and follow our social media for more story summaries! Please add more stories by filling out this form if you or your organization/initiative would like to be featured on the map! 

Itasca Waters, formerly known as the Itasca Water Legacy Partnership, is a volunteer-run water advocacy organization working with community members and organizations to protect Itasca County's water. When it was founded in 2006, only about 75 lakes in the county had credible data— now, after establishing a lab at Itasca Community College and years of data collection, more than 300 lakes now have credible data. They’ve also worked on identifying sensitive shoreland areas and invasive species. Itasca Waters educates the public on the importance of keeping local lakes clean by partnering with elementary schools and created a shoreland advisor program through which property owners can seek advice on how to use vegetation lawn care management to reduce runoff and avoid polluting nearby bodies of water. Read their full story on the map and check out their website at https://itascawaters.org. (Story written by Adam Schneider)


"Despite persistent concerns that people expressed about the national economy, the survey high- lights the positive effects of the recovery on the individual financial circumstances of U.S. fami- lies. In 2021, perceptions about the national economy declined slightly. Yet self-reported financial well-being increased to the highest rate since the survey began in 2013,” — Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2021

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