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ENEWS: Legislative session & Investing in Rural Prosperity

Date Published: 05/19/2022

Author: Erin Wilson

Event: “Investing in Rural Prosperity” 

The Federal Reserve Bank will host “Investing in Rural Prosperity” on Tuesday, May 24 at 1 p.m. ET. The event will “highlight a new framework for advancing shared economic prosperity in rural communities across the United States, initially proposed in "Investing in Rural Prosperity," a new book published by the St. Louis Fed in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors,” the description reads. Additionally, the event will discuss leveraging natural assets to promote rural prosperity, strategies for investing in equitable resilience, broadband investment, local collaborations between the health sector and community development, and innovative case studies from France that use culture, nature, and innovation to revitalize smaller communities, it says. You can attend the event either virtually or in-person. Find the agenda and register at this link. 

Legislative updates

As the Minnesota legislative session comes to a close, here are a couple more updates. Minnesota leaders reached a $9 billion deal for tax and spending plans earlier this week, which you can read about in this article from the Duluth News Tribune. The outline of the deal includes $4 billion set to be used for a tax bill spanning the next three years, $1 billion in additional funding set to go toward the state's public schools, $1 billion set to be used on health and human services programs, $450 million for public safety and judiciary funding, $1.33 billion for other state government spending agreed to by the leaders, and $1.4 billion to be used to fund a slate of local projects in a bonding bill, according to the article. And yesterday, legislators started planning the specifics of spending the $8 billion tax plan to fund schools, health care programs, and police agencies, which you can also read about here in the Duluth News Tribune. The session is set to end on Monday (May 23rd). 

MN Equity Map spotlight 

This week’s spotlight is on the Long Prairie Welcoming Communities Advocacy Group. Read the full story on the Equity Map and follow our social media for more story summaries! Please add more stories by filling out this form if you or your organization/initiative would like to be featured on the map! 

The Long Prairie Welcoming Communities Advocacy Group is a project of Region Five Development Commission’s Welcoming Communities Initiative that works toward creating a more welcoming community in Long Prairie. The group’s meeting space is in the local Harmony Park, which they refurbished by planting new trees, building a pavilion, adding picnic tables, creating kid-friendly games and activities, adding a library book shelter, and hiring local master gardeners. They plan to host farmers markets, concerts, and other community events in the park, and in doing so, hope that community members will be inspired to improve other parts of the community as well. Read more about their project on the Equity Map and on the Region Five website.


"The legislative session is set to come to a close on Monday, May 23. And the deadline to finish passing bills is Sunday, May 22. Walz has previously said he would not call a special session if lawmakers were unable to wrap up their work before the deadline. And on Monday he said he believed the upcoming deadline would help them to act quickly." — Duluth News Tribune

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