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ENEWS: Minneapolis educator strike & workforce news

Date Published: 03/17/2022

Author: Erin Wilson

Minneapolis educator strike 

Yesterday marked the ninth day of Minneapolis teachers striking for higher wages, better mental health support, reduced class sizes, and more. Check out this list of updates on negotiations from Fox 9— Minneapolis Public Schools said yesterday that they “believed progress was being made” with current negotiations centered on benefits, specifically an offer of a 7% raise for teachers, the article says. Last week, striking teachers also rallied at the State Capitol to demand the State use money from its recently announced $9.3 billion budget surplus; this Star Tribune article discusses the educator strike against the backdrop of the large budget surplus. 

“Still, state help isn't likely to come quickly or easily — lawmakers in the divided Legislature are sparring over how to spend the surplus during an election year, and many groups are jockeying for a cut of the money,” the article says. 

Resources for budget stretching during inflation 

Last week, the Pioneer Press published an article on “How to stretch your grocery budget, and other MN resources as inflation and gas prices keep rising.” It compiles links for different resources to find aid in paying for bills amid current inflation. In addition to grocery help, for example, you can find links to help with energy bills, weatherization, public transportation, and veterinary costs. 

Get your tickets for the Growth & Justice 20th Anniversary celebration 

Remember to grab your free ticket to our 20th Anniversary celebration on April 11! You can now find all information and updates about the event at https://growthandjustice.org/20th-anniversary. You can also find the program at-a-glance to see what we have on the agenda. To register, head to this Eventbrite page. Donations in honor of our anniversary are welcome at https://www.growthandjustice.org/support. Check the 20th Anniversary webpage on our website for the most up to date information on speakers and event details. 

Reflecting on G & J’s influential publications: Career Pathways reports (2017)

In honor of our 20th anniversary celebration this spring, we’re putting together a timeline of the most influential Growth & Justice policy publications over the years. In each week’s e-news, we’ll feature a notable past publication for your review and reflection. This week will focus on the Career Pathways reports. 

The Career Pathways reports came about through Minneapolis St. Paul Regional Workforce Innovation Network (MSPWin), a collaboration between Growth & Justice and many foundations & businesses. They are a series of inspirational stories from low-income immigrants and marginalized people in Minnesota that promote a new strategy for job training and identify career paths to diminish racial disparities in the workforce. Career Pathway programs differ from traditional job training models in that they focus on target populations (low-income adults, specifically adults from BIPOC communities), blend together social services, basic skills education, and technical training, allow for cost-sharing to make participation free, and provide personal navigators for every student.

“‘The excitement around this,’ says County Administrator David Hough, ‘is that we were able to identify individuals that could benefit significantly by training (but had) never been given the opportunity to pursue specialized training without acquiring debt,’” the report quotes. 


"Striking teachers and support staff have been picketing on the strike line and gathering for rallies across the city since Tuesday, March 8. Hundreds marched through the streets of downtown Minneapolis Thursday afternoon. Last Wednesday, the striking educators and their supporters held a rally at the Capitol to demand lawmakers use the state's surplus of $9.3 billion to better fund schools throughout Minnesota. Union leaders say the district has the power to end the strike immediately by meeting their demands. They say it isn't a budget crisis, it's 'values and priorities crisis.'" —"Minneapolis teachers strike: District leaders say 'progress being made,'" Fox 9

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