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ENEWS: Honoring Minnesota women

Date Published: 03/10/2022

Author: Erin Wilson

Women’s History Month — honoring MN women! 

Happy Women’s History Month (and a belated International Women’s Day)! In honor of this, we’re spotlighting women from Minnesota’s history— thank you to the MN Historical Society for these resources! All information below comes from their website and the Votes for Women online exhibit. Below you can find information on some of the incredible Minnesotan women from the Votes for Women exhibit (with links)— make sure to go the MNHS site to read more of their stories! 

Democracy, Voter Rights & Suppression, and Redistricting

The Brennan Center for Justice made a great roundup of voting laws from the month of February, documenting all pieces of restrictive or suppressive voting legislation created since the beginning of legislative sessions across the country. 

“As of Janu­ary 14, legis­lat­ors in at least 27 states have intro­duced, pre-filed, or carried over 250 bills with restrict­ive provi­sions, compared to 75 such bills in 24 states on Janu­ary 14, 2021,” their article says. 

On the flip side, they noted that “legis­lat­ors in at least 32 states have intro­duced, pre-filed, or carried over 399 bills that expand voting access.” The Brennan Center also discusses how these voting restrictions disproportionately affect voters from marginalized communities. Read more about these bills and their details at the link at the top of this section. 

Reflecting on G & J’s influential publications: Widening Inequality in Minnesota: A county-by county analysis (2015)

In honor of our 20th anniversary celebration this spring, we’re putting together a timeline of the most influential Growth & Justice policy publications over the years. In each week’s e-news, we’ll feature a notable past publication for your review and reflection. This week will focus on Widening Inequality in Minnesota: A county-by county analysis (2015).

Widening Inequality in Minnesota: A county-by county analysis (2015) expanded on the preceding 2013 report Widening Inequality in Minnesota, which comprehensively analyzed inequality trends in the state and across the country and was also featured in last week’s newsletter. This 2015 report examined how inequality varies across Minnesota counties. It challenged the understanding that Minnesota’s inequalities largely occur between the Twin Cities metro area and Greater Minnesota, and instead concluded that the divide was between the “relatively prosperous” suburban ring and everywhere else excluded from it. 

“While it’s well-known that Twin Cities area income levels are higher than in Greater Minnesota, this report shows that poverty and inequality are highest in the two urban core counties of Hennepin and Ramsey, and in the most rural counties of northern and southern Minnesota. In contrast, many outer suburban and exurban counties enjoy high income levels, low rates of poverty and relatively low measures of inequality,” the report says. 

Ticket reminder— attend our 20th anniversary celebration! 

Tickets are available now for our 20th anniversary celebration on April 11! You can read about the event and register on this Eventbrite page. The event is free and virtual. Donations in honor of our anniversary are welcome at https://www.growthandjustice.org/support. More speakers and details will be announced soon. 

Westminster Town Hall Forum Spring 2022 season: Climate Science & Solutions

Westminster Town Hall Forum’s spring season will focus on climate change— and its speaker lineup will be all women. The speakers are women on the forefront of climate science & policy: Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Dr. Danielle Wood, Dr. Lisa Schulte Moore, Elizabeth Kolbert, and Colette Pinchon-Battle. The next program will be tomorrow, March 11, and features Dr. Danielle Wood of M.I.T., who will discuss using space technology to improve life. Check out the Forum’s website to learn more about the speakers and program details— and shoutout to our G & J Board Vice Chair Tane Danger, who is director of the Forum, for this great season lineup! 


“Everything was trial and error and the villain was race prejudice, fear, war hysteria, intolerance, and discrimination.” — Ruth Tanbara, from “The Evacuation Experience,” in Reflections: Memoirs of Japanese American Women in Minnesota, 1995

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