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ENEWS: Economic justice, accountability & entrepreneurship

Date Published: 02/10/2022

Author: Erin Wilson

Racial Justice Committee Progress Report

Our ALANA Community Brain Trust colleague Dr. Bruce Corrie of Concordia University (St. Paul) testified this past Monday in front of the House Ways & Means Committee to help give a progress report on adopting the recommendations of the House Select Committee on Racial Justice. You can see all the presentations at this link. Dr. Corrie emphasized the economic impact of discrimination at national, state, and local levels, including $16 trillion of forfeited economic production (GDP) over the past 20 years. Investments now in racial economic justice will yield gains for all Minnesotans. 

Reflecting on G & J’s influential publications: Governing with Accountability (2009)

In honor of our 20th anniversary celebration this spring, we’re putting together a timeline of the most influential Growth & Justice policy publications over the years. In each week’s e-news, we’ll feature a notable past publication for your review and reflection. This week will focus on Governing with Accountability (2009).

Governing with Accountability was a policy report that provided an outline for improving the output and efficiency of the public sector. The report offers six essential principles meant to encapsulate “the essence of accountability in government,” (Governing with Accountability, 2009, p. 2). Those principles were: 1) establish leadership commitment, 2) set long-term goals and priorities, 3) strive for transparency, straight talk and open books, 4) maintain fiscal responsibility and fairness, 5) focus on efficiency and effectiveness, and 6) demand accountability for results. The report set specific policy goals like universal health care access, improved accessibility to higher education, reduced tax expenditures, and reduced incarceration rates. 

MN Equity Map spotlight 

This week’s spotlight is on Beltrami Area Services Collective. Read the full story on the Equity Map and follow our social media for more story summaries! Please add more stories by filling out this form if you or your organization/initiative would like to be featured on the map! 

Beltrami Area Services Collective (Bemidji, MN) goes above & beyond to support families in Beltrami County. In addition to providing grants and direct services, their vast programs and partnerships allow them to do much more, such as help students avoid legal trouble through the Diversion program and talk with populations excluded from policy- and decision-making about shaping their communities and addressing historical trauma through the 100 Cups of Coffee program. Read more of BASC’s story on the map and find their website at http://beltrami.org/default.aspx.

Entrepreneurship as Rural Development 

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors will host “Entrepreneurship as Rural Development: Investing in a Vibrant Local Economy” on February 15 from 12-1 p.m. ET. The event will feature a discussion between a panel of leaders from organizations successfully supporting entrepreneurship in rural American communities. Learn more and register here. 


“When we talk about systemic racism ‘sapping the strength of the whole society’ that includes the reality that systemic racism is expensive.” — Select Committee on Racial Justice Final Report, December 2020 

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