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ENEWS: Democracy— and threats to it

Date Published: 01/06/2022

Author: Erin Wilson

2003 Strib report / Earliest publication from timeline

As we’re preparing for our 20th anniversary celebration, we want to guide you back to the publications Growth & Justice has published over the last two decades. In the coming newsletters leading up to the anniversary celebration, we’ll point to publications we think were particularly influential and important. 

In the spirit of this, we want to point you once more to the 2003 Star Tribune editorial about the start of Growth & Justice— which began at a similar time of partisan hostility. 

Jan. 6 insurrection — 1 year ago today 

A year ago today, an insurrection took place at the Capitol in Washington D.C. News organizations across the country are maintaining live updates on today’s anniversary, such as this page from the New York Times documenting updates and looking back at the insurrection. Barton Gellman wrote this article for the Atlantic on the anniversary of this day and the present threats facing democracy in the U.S. Gellman asserts that the idea of democratic collapse “is not remote,” and the January 6th insurrection is part of a much larger story of political violence— and that there has not been urgent enough response to this threat to democracy. The article includes interviews with members of the crowd that stormed the Capitol, among many other sources. 

Redistricting panel in MN 

This article from MinnPost can bring you up to speed on the latest in Minnesota’s redistricting process. On Tuesday, the panel of judges who will draw the new congressional maps if the Legislature cannot come to an agreement heard final arguments in the Wattson v. Simon case— which claimed the 2020 Census created unconstitutional political lines in Minnesota. The case has four plaintiffs; lawyers representing the four different groups proposed their own map drawings  to the panel. You can read about each group’s proposal in the above article. 

True Tuesday on Jan. 18 

The next True Tuesday session on January 18 will focus on Healing Minnesota Stories. It will be moderated by Joy Persall with Rev. Pamela Ngunjiri and Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs, who will talk about the program they’re creating to “include truth-telling and reparations for the African American and Native American communities in Minnesota.” They will present their strategy to implement this program during the Jan. 18 session. It will take place from 2:30 - 4 p.m. You can register for the event here. 


“Who or what will safeguard our constitutional order is not apparent today. It is not even apparent who will try. Democrats, big and small D, are not behaving as if they believe the threat is real. Some of them, including President Joe Biden, have taken passing rhetorical notice, but their attention wanders. They are making a grievous mistake.” — “January 6 Was Practice” in The Atlantic

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