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2021 Legislation Tracking

Below are the bills we're tracking listed with accompanying descriptions, links to bill pages, and updates on their progress. They are categorized into the four sections of the Minnesota Equity Blueprint, with an additional cross-sectional category. 

Human Capital 

HF 11 MinnesotaCare eligibility expanded and public option established, enrollee premiums modified, affordability definition modified for families, and alternative delivery and payment system implementation plan and recommendations required Updates: 
HF 198 School districts required to provide access to military, skilled trades, and manufacturing career options  
HF 217/SF 446 Increase Teachers of Color Act strengthened, teachers of color and Native American teachers in Minnesota percentage increase sought, reports required, and money appropriated  
HF 1041/SF 797 Increase Teachers of Color Act in higher education strengthened, and student teacher grants and teacher shortage loan forgiveness provisions modified, report required, and money appropriated  
HF 1774/SF 1643 Minnesota Health Plan establishment and appropriation  
HF 2195/SF 2111 Health carriers allowed to offer reference-based pricing health plans  
SF 188 Minnesota inclusion initiative grant program establishment and appropriation  
SF 404 Workforce development internationally trained professionals to earn state professional licenses grants appropriation  
SF 604 MNsure state insurance plan transition to a federally facilitated marketplace; appropriation  
SF 1440 Phased-in minimum wage increase; low-income workers basic needs fulfillment; working family credit, low-income workers child care assistance and reimbursement rates, and Minnesota family investment program grants increases; high-income individuals social security tax loophole closure; sliding fee child care assistance program forecast; appropriation  
SF 2010 Benefit and cost analysis of universal health reform proposal to assist the legislature in comparing it to the current health care financing system; appropriating money  
HF 2528/SF 2434 Minneapolis regional apprenticeship training center appropriation  

Economic Development 

HF 1 Economic assistance provided for housing, MFIP, food, and broadband; funding provided, and money appropriated


On House Calendar for the Day May 13

HF 5 COVID-19; state appropriations replaced with federal funds, child care providers public health support funds funding provided, basic sliding fee program funding provided, and money appropriated  
HF 145 Child care assistance program, basic sliding fee child care and MFIP child care provisions repealed  
HF 245/SF 269 Family child care regulation modernization project established, report required, and money appropriated  
HF 311/SF 291 Greater Minnesota business development public infrastructure grant program funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated  
HF 316 Family, friend, and neighbor child care grant program established; report required; and money appropriated  
HF 414 Greater Minnesota child care facility program funding provided, and money appropriated.  
HF 426/SF 434 Greater Minnesota business development public infrastructure grant program funding provided, and money appropriated  
HF 1105/SF 1078 Youth job skills and career development appropriation  
HF 1784 Small business support program funding provided, report required, and money appropriated  
HF 2068/SF 2187 Entrepreneurial development funding provided, and money appropriated  
HF 2139 Microenterprise development program established, reports required, and money appropriated  
HF 2352/SF 465 Department of Employment and Economic Development Child Care Business Development appropriation  
SF 210 Employment and economic development department job training competitive grants award priority for high-wage and high-demand careers  
SF 547 Women of Color Opportunity Act  
SF 800 Racial injustice and systemic racism provisions establishment and appropriation  
SF 1618 Minority business development appropriation  
SF 2150 Workforce training and entrepreneurship investments intended to help close the state's opportunity gaps for Minnesotans of color appropriation  
HF 1342/SF 1098 Omnibus workforce and business development finance and policy bill In conference committee hearing May 10 & 11
SF 2505 Job skills training for recently released inmates appropriation  


HF 14/SF 22 Broadband grant program money deposit transferred


In House Ways and Means committee hearing April 13

HF 40/SF 333 State rent assistance program established for low-income cost-burdened households, and money appropriated  
HF 430/SF 1903 Greater Minnesota housing infrastructure grant program bond issue and appropriation  
HF 443/SF 768 Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing preservation loans or grants appropriation  
HF 545 Local government aid portion dedicated to city housing  
HF 747 Housing; state's investment maximized, displacement prevented, and Housing Finance Agency-financed rental housing projects required to be affordable for at least 30 years.  
HF 1118 Naturally occurring affordable housing rehabilitation added to housing infrastructure bonds allowable uses  
HF 1252 Housing finance agency policy provisions adopted; affordable housing, workforce housing, and disaster recovery program eligibility requirements expanded; agency debt limit increased; community land trust program individual and family household income limit increased; rehabilitation loan program requirements and use expanded; and technical and conforming changes made  
HF 1916/SF 1904 Housing rehabilitation outside the seven-county metropolitan area appropriation  
HF 1991/SF 1906 Public housing rehabilitation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated  
HF 2174/SF 2343 Electric transit vehicle infrastructure appropriation bonds issuance authorization and appropriation  
HF 2319/SF 2224 Housing Finance Agency Housing Justice Project funding provided, and money appropriated  
SF 168 Department of transportation pavement investment guide development, implementation, and adherence requirement  
SF 241 Distance learning broadband access grant program establishment; appropriation  
SF 474 Minnesota family investment program, housing, food and broadband assistance appropriation  
SF 889 Rental housing projects financed at least in part by the Housing Finance Agency to be affordable for at least 30 years requirement  
HF 1077/SF 969 Omnibus housing finance and policy bill

In conference committee hearing May 3

Environmental Resilience 

HF 10 Clean Energy First Act established


On House General Register May 12

HF 99 Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) and other conservation purposes funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated  
HF 164/SF 227 Energy Conservation and Optimization Act of 2021 established On Senate General Orders May 5
HF 278 Electric utility renewable energy standard obligations modified, and Public Utility Commission authority to issue electric generation facility site permits modified  
HF 661/SF 1506 Forever Green Agriculture Initiative and the University of Minnesota appropriation  
HF 977 State building solar energy system loan fund established, bonds issued, and money appropriated.  
HF 1093/SF 1745 Environmental Justice Board establishment in the Pollution Control Agency authorization  
HF 1256 Minnesota efficient technology accelerator established to benefit utility consumers by deployment acceleration and cost reduction of emerging and innovating efficient technologies  
HF 1323/SF 1997 Solar energy system loan established in state buildings, bonds issued, and money appropriated  
HF 1428/SF 1630 State greenhouse gas reduction goals amended, governmental actions required to be consistent with goals, and report frequency increased  
HF 1750/SF 1556 Energy Transition Legacy Office established, transition communities and worker advisory committee, state transition plan development required for communities and worker impacted by power plan retirement, and money appropriated  
HF 2028/SF 1797 Pollution Control Agency authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions clarified  
HF 2044/SF 1999 Minnesota Innovation Finance Authority establishment  
HF 2081/SF 2367 State building energy guidelines required to incorporate provisions on addressing climate change resiliency  In capital investment hearing April 8
HF 2083/SF 2027 Future Fuels Act; transportation fuels carbon intensity reduction standard establishment  
HF 2109 Solar photovoltaic device installation in state-owned buildings funding provided, and money appropriated  
HF 2174 Electric transit vehicle infrastructure appropriation bonds issued, and money appropriated  
HF 2200 Climate change grant program established to provide financial assistance to cities, and money appropriated  
HF 2211/SF 2191 Multifamily building composting encouragement and increase pilot project grant funding provided, and money appropriated  
HF 2334/SF 2127 Environmental justice considerations in determining certain state permitting authorization  
HF 2407/SF 51 Environmental emission revenue-neutral assessment provided, refundable FICA and property tax credit provided, credit against income tax to be paid as dividends provided, energy efficiency and renewable energy project loans authorized, rulemaking authority provided, reports required, and money appropriated  
SF 51 Carbon Assessment and Dividend Act  
SF 338 Biomass as an eligible energy technology definition modification; energy that electricity-generating utilities must supply from renewable sources and setting target dates by which those goals must be achieved proportion increase  
SF 1086 All-electric vehicles surcharge modification; plug-in hybrid electric vehicles surcharge authorization; motor vehicle tax fuels tax adjustment establishment  
SF 2033 Construction materials environmental impact study appropriation  
HF 1076/SF 959 Omnibus environment, natural resources, and tourism policy and finance bill

In conference committee May 13


HF 1270 Clean energy sector career training pilot project for youth from underserved communities funding provided, and money appropriated Updates:
HF 1278/SF 1814 Great Start for All Minnesota Children Task Force establishment and appropriation  
SF 1259 Clean energy career training pilot project appropriation  

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