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ENEWS: Give to the MAX Day & other news!

Date Published: 11/18/2021


Give to the MAX -- in honor of G & J's 20th anniversary!

Today is Give to the MAX Day. Growth & Justice donors are receiving year-end contribution request letters this week asking for support of our work and our 20th anniversary celebration for 2022, and they and anyone can give directly to Growth & Justice by check via snail mail or online at https://www.growthandjustice.org/support. You can also give today online - Nov. 18 -- and immediately, alongside thousands of other Give to the MAX donors at  https://www.givemn.org/organization/Growth-And-Justice. Thanks for your support and generosity! 

Federal Reserve Bank publication 

The most recent issue of the Federal Reserve Bank’s Consumer & Community Context article series focuses on COVID-19’s economic impact on women, “including childcare disruptions and employment, the financial challenges of single mothers, debt and access to credit, and the experiences of women-owned small businesses,” the summary says. The article was written and published in combination with the recent Gender and the Economy conference. According to research sourced in the article, COVID-19 disrupted childcare or schooling for almost 70% of parents, and 25% of mothers said they worked less or did not work at all as a result. Additionally, the article says single mothers had higher unemployment rates than single fathers or women without children during the pandemic and that “women were more likely to have credit card debt, to be denied or approved for less when they applied for credit prod- ucts, and to put off applying for credit at higher rates than men.” Lastly, research showed that women-owned businesses, especially businesses owned by Black women, dealt with more financial and operational barriers during the pandemic and were less likely to receive financing than businesses owned by men. You can read the full article here. 

Rural MN Equity Summit 

The 2021 Rural Equity Summit will take place virtually on November 30th and December 1. The summit will include speakers, breakout sessions, practical tips, networking and more for anyone who wants to develop their understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in rural Minnesota. Tickets are $60. After registering, you can read descriptions of each session and select which ones you would like to attend over the two days. You can register on this webpage. 

Want to help plan our 20th anniversary celebration? Let us know! 

Growth & Justice is turning 20 this year, and we want to do something special. We’re in the beginning stages of planning an anniversary celebration, and we would love to have your expertise and assistance. If you are interested in being a part of the planning team or would like to offer any suggestions or input, please contact our communications coordinator Erin Wilson at erin@growthandjustice.org.

A MN Equity Map story summary 

This week’s featured summary of a story from the Minnesota Equity Map is Bemidji’s Supportive Housing Programs! Read the summary below, and if you want to read the full summary you can do so on the map here. To find more summaries, tune into our Facebook and Twitter. 

Bemidji's Supportive Housing Programs (Bemidji, MN), a collaboration between the city + tribal governments of the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, work to meet the needs of community members experiencing homelessness. Read more in the Equity Action Guide.


“Many mothers who were not working or working less because of childcare or schooling disruptions faced substantial financial difficulty. As of fall 2020, just over half were able to pay their current month’s bills in full, compared with nearly three-fourths of mothers overall.”Federal Reserve Bank’s article “Examining the Pandemic’s Economic Effects on Women”

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