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ENEWS: Back to school edition

Date Published: 08/26/2021

Author: Erin Wilson

The Page Amendment 

The Page Amendment is one of the efforts to close education disparities in Minnesota. The proposed amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution would give all children a civil right to a quality public education. The amendment is the result of a partnership between the Minneapolis Federal Reserve and Justice Page to address the longstanding racial, ethnic and socioeconomic gaps in education in Minnesota. If passed, the amendment would change the language of the constitution to clarify children’s right to a “quality” education that fully prepares them to wholly participate in society.  According to the Page Amendment’s overview, three focal goals of this effort are to a) change the education standard from “adequate” to “quality,” b) establish education as a civil right and c) focus education policy on children instead of the system. To read about the education disparities in Minnesota and find out more about the Page Amendment, head to this website. 

Reopening schools during Delta concerns 

As summer comes to a close and the academic year awaits, the reopening of schools amid the surge of the Delta COVID-19 variant has created a wave of questions, concerns and conflicts. This article from Axios summarizes the variation of school year plans across states and cities— from states that have prohibited mask mandates to school districts that will require masks to be worn and staff members to be vaccinated. For the Twin Cities, Axios writes that “Minnesota parents are navigating a variety of mask rules based on their child's district” due to the lack of statewide policy; some districts will require masks but others, such as Anoka-Hennepin (Minnesota’s largest district) will only recommend them. Read or listen to more about concern over the Delta variant in Minnesota from MPR, and follow local news coverage in the coming weeks to stay informed about the reopening of schools in Minnesota. 

Send us more stories about MN equity work! 

Please share our MN Equity Map around your network or with any organizations, initiatives and activists that you think may want to add their work to the map! For it to most effectively serve as a tool to highlight statewide regional, racial, and environmental equity work, connect community members who want to create change, and act as a legislative advocacy resource, we need more stories! You can find the map, more information, and the link to the interest form on our website here.


“Distanced and hybrid learning during the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating education gaps across the country… Researchers anticipate that learning loss will continue to grow and predict that low-income children and children of color will emerge from the pandemic worse off than their affluent white peers.  The pandemic is set to intensify our state’s education gaps if we do not seek out bold and innovative education policy.” The Page Amendment website 

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