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ENEWS: Teamwork tools for Equity Development – Sports, Arts, Mapping!

Date Published: 07/29/2021

Author: Jane Leonard

Summer Games support closer to home 

Dear Growth & Justice e-news readers: Two Minnesotans helped the women’s gymnastics team rally for a silver medal this week in the Tokyo Olympics team competition (Grace McCallum of Isanti, MN, and Suni Lee of St. Paul). And now, as one of several dozen partner organizations bringing equity in youth sports and leadership development via Summer Games closer to home, G & J invites you to rally and join your North Minneapolis neighbors on August 8 to assist in making the final day of the Northside Summer Games and Guinness World Records™ Day a great success! REGISTER TODAY and participate on August 8 at North Commons Park in Minneapolis to help break two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles: the Largest Game of Catch (American Football) and Most People Performing a Jumping Double High Five Simultaneously. If you also want to help on the logistics, please use this link to register as a volunteer.

Equity through arts 

Watch this ArtsMidwest link in the next week for a Community Creativity Conversation article and audio interview by Leah Lemm, in conversation with G & J President Jane Leonard and equitable development specialist Dawn Espe of Region 5 Development Commission on the creation of the Rural Communities Equity Action Guide. Conversations is an audio series that features cultural leaders who are making art central to problem solving community issues. Learn from Midwesterners who are making intersectional change, addressing racism and inequity, and bringing people together through creativity and art. 

Mapping equity

Here’s another reminder that we will be posting short summaries of different stories from the Minnesota Equity Map on our Twitter and Facebook! And as always, we are searching for more stories to add to the map so it can serve as a way to highlight regional, racial, and environmental equity work happening around the state and connect people who want to create change in their communities. We hope to fill this map with enough stories that it can function as a powerful tool of collaboration and legislative advocacy. Please fill out this form if you or an organization/initiative you know of may be interested in being featured on the map. 

MN Budget Project seeks policy analyst 

The Minnesota Budget Project is looking for a full-time Policy Analyst to join their team. This person will have the opportunity to shape and advocate for public policies for affordable health care, child care, and other emerging state and federal issues. The position will research, analyze, and advocate for solutions to advance public policies that expand opportunity and economic security to all Minnesotans, particularly those with low incomes and communities of color. See the position posting here for more information.  


“When we were working on our Welcoming Communities initiatives and thinking about what tools and resources were out there around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and justice, we were finding that there weren't a lot of tools and resources that spoke specifically to our rural communities.”Dawn Espe, on the need for the Rural Communities Equity Action Guide

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