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ENEWS: Equity stories and June special session

Date Published: 06/18/2021

Author: Erin Wilson

Equity stories in MinnPost 

MinnPost recently published an article on equity and inclusion efforts happening in rural Minnesota towns. It features a city art project in Monticello, MN that “aims to draw attention to the kind of diversity that exists even in a mostly homogenous city,” then touches on similar efforts around the state. The article also references TRUE Tuesdays, the virtual meetings focused on constructing a learning space for rural equity advocacy that we frequently promote in this newsletter. Additionally, we’re linking to this article because of its similarity to the mission of our Minnesota Equity Map, which highlights equity and inclusion work happening across the state. 

June special session 

The June special session began this week in the Minnesota Legislature. Legislators must finalize a state budget before July 1, or there will be a shutdown due to a lack of funding to run the government. DFL House Speaker Melissa Hortman says she believes a shutdown will not happen, even though some bills are still not close to an agreement. You can catch up on the special session and what’s ahead with this MPR article

 Keep an eye out for stories to add to the MN Equity Map 

We want to continually highlight our ongoing MN Equity Map project, which operates as a platform to highlight regional, racial, and environmental equity work happening around the state. We are looking to add many more organizations and initiatives to the map— please keep an eye out for any equity stories happening in your community that you think should be featured on the map! Here is the equity story collection form for interested organizations & initiatives to fill out. 


“It’s also a small example of how cities across rural Minnesota are publicly showing their commitment to equity and inclusiveness, those buzzwords that have come to define this era’s push for racial reconciliation.” — “Mission statements, public art, workshops: How rural cities in Minnesota are approaching equity work,” MinnPost

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