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ENEWS: Sustainable Future, Legislation Tracking and Trial Updates

Date Published: 04/01/2021

Author: Erin Wilson

April: environmentally-focused newsletters 

As promised, Growth & Justice’s April newsletters will have an emphasis on climate change and environmental resilience. We’re starting off with this opinion article by Marita Bujold in MinnPost titled “Toward a sustainable future defined by racial, economic and environmental justice.” Bujold discusses The Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill (HF 1332/SF 1580) in the Minnesota Legislature, which Bujold says “provides the path forward by creating a locally adapted regenerative food web economy designed to depend on healthy ecosystems and fulfill our role as stewards together." Bujold writes that this regenerative food web economy is also founded on the undeniable leadership of Indigenous communities, “whose partnerships with nature have generated the foods, skills, local ecological knowledge, and methods of preservation that  remain the foundation for our food security today.” The bill also establishes crucial links between rural and urban communities to tackle climate issues as one. Bujold points out that several legislators have signed on to be co-authors of the bill after Rep. Kaohly Her and Sen. Erin Murphy introduced the bill in the House and Senate, and a report from the House Select Committee on Racial Justice recommends the bill’s economic resiliency program.

Legislation tracking

Below are this week’s updates and new bills. For a full list of the Minnesota Equity Blueprint-related legislation we’re tracking, check our website. 


New bills:

HF 2407/SF 51 Environmental emission revenue-neutral assessment provided, refundable FICA and property tax credit provided, credit against income tax to be paid as dividends provided, energy efficiency and renewable energy project loans authorized, rulemaking authority provided, reports required, and money appropriated

Chauvin trial updates

Opening statements began Monday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, charged in the murder of George Floyd. So far, attorneys have questioned several witnesses to the events on May 25, including a teenager who took a bystander video, a firefighter and EMT, a mixed martial arts fighter, a teenage Cup Foods clerk, and more. This Minnesota Daily article pulls out the most relevant takeaways from each day of the trial so far, and the New York Times is giving live updates as the trial continues today. 

You can also connect with MPR News to get updates on coverage of the trial. On this same page, you can find links to watch the court proceedings live, watch recordings of past proceedings in their video archive, and links to the latest coverage. 


“This past year has revealed with undeniable clarity the enduring harms of systemic racism and the need to map a path forward defined by racial, economic and environmental justice… We are the stewards of a living, breathing planet. No one else can perform the task of caring for the home we share.” — Marita Bujold, “Toward a sustainable future defined by racial, economic and environmental justice.”

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