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ENEWS: Chauvin Trial, Reckoning with Racism, & Equity Blueprint-Related Legislation

Date Published: 02/25/2021

Author: Erin Wilson

Chauvin trial begins March 8

The trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, charged in the murder of George Floyd, is set to begin March 8. In the coming weeks through the G & J newsletter, we’ll highlight different coverage of the trial to provide updates and insights in conjunction with our work statewide to lift up equity and inclusion policies and practices that confront racism and build shared sustainable prosperity for all Minnesotans. KARE 11 lays out the preparations by the City of Minneapolis ahead of the trial. 

Upcoming events

This coming Tuesday (March 2) is True Tuesday hosted by the Transforming Rural Understanding of Equity (TRUE) Partnership. This session is on Arts, Equity and Rural Minnesota with guests Cicelia Cornejo, Amoke Kubat, and Michele Anderson. As the event description reads, “The arts can help communities overcome resistance, open imaginations toward creative problem solving, and build empathy among different people in an area. The arts can create a sense of belonging that anchors residents to a place.” You can find out more and register here. 

We sent you a special invitation two weeks ago for the free screening of Austene Van’s film “A Breath for George,” which happens tonight (Feb 25) over Zoom from 7-9 p.m. Over 500 people have registered so far. Growth & Justice and our Minnesota Equity Blueprint partner organization OneMN.org will be co-hosting the event with Augsburg Women Engaged (AWE). There is still time to register!

Tracking Blueprint-Related Legislation 

Below are newly added bills that we are tracking, as well as their updates. You can access the full list of legislation related to the Minnesota Equity Blueprint (with links to individual bill pages) on our website. 

Updates: HF 14/SF 22 (Broadband grant program money deposit transferred) had a hearing on Feb. 24. 

Environmental Resilience

HF 1256 Minnesota efficient technology accelerator established to benefit utility consumers by deployment acceleration and cost reduction of emerging and innovating efficient technologies In hearing 2/25
HF 1323 Solar energy system loan established in state buildings, bonds issued, and money appropriated  
HF 1428 State greenhouse gas reduction goals amended, governmental actions required to be consistent with goals, and report frequency increased  
SF 1086 All-electric vehicles surcharge modification; plug-in hybrid electric vehicles surcharge authorization; motor vehicle tax fuels tax adjustment establishment In hearing 2/23

Economic Development

HF 1105/SF 1078 Youth job skills and career development appropriation In hearing 2/24


HF 1118 Naturally occurring affordable housing rehabilitation added to housing infrastructure bonds allowable uses


HF 1270 Clean energy sector career training pilot project for youth from underserved communities funding provided, and money appropriated
SF 1259 Clean energy career training pilot project appropriation


“The storm of change can be quaking and righteous, forcefully grabbing people’s attention so that they can see the hurt and the injustice that has rained down for so long, but the difficult part is creating a better world in its wake. That’s why Austene Van wanted to create a new film, A Breath for George, a collaboration between New Dawn Theatre Company and local artists. It isn’t only about the emotions that erupted after Floyd died. It’s also about how people can continue to create and support change.” Minnesota Monthly, June 2020

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