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ENEWS: Racial Economic Gap, Rural Climate Dialogues, and Manufacturing Woes

Date Published: 11/19/2020

Author: Jane Leonard

The Minnesota Solution to close the $287 billion racial economic gap

One of our partners in the Minnesota Equity Blueprint work, Dr. Bruce Corrie, co-founder of OneMN.org, testified recently at the Minnesota House Select Committee on Racial Justice, presenting The Minnesota Solution, a set of policy recommendations to address the racial economic gaps of the ALANA (African Latino Asian and Native American) communities in Minnesota. It grows out of the coordinating work of the ALANA Community Brain Trust, a partnership between Growth & Justice, OneMN.org, and nearly 30 other organizations working together on racial economic justice capacity, and capital building. Stay tuned for more updates as the legislative process continues and see the document here.  

Rural Climate Dialogues conclude and tell a powerful story

Another MN Equity Blueprint colleague, Tara Ritter of the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy, recently shared with us the wrap-up report on the Rural Climate Dialogues that she and others led over the past six years. Since 2014, IATP, in partnership with the Jefferson Center, has hosted Rural Climate Dialogues (RCDs) in five Minnesota counties. Their civic engagement model emphasized listening and empathy building, each community’s distinct hopes, challenges and sense of place, and ultimately created locally driven climate action plans. You can take a look at the report on the IATP website, including videos of participants from Minnesota counties embedded throughout. 

State of Manufacturing survey sobering reminder of COVID-19 impact

Enterprise Minnesota released this year's State of Manufacturing survey this month, and not surprisingly, the poll revealed that COVID-19 has triggered the deepest plunge in manufacturers' expectations for their companies since the Great Recession of 2008. Their website now offers full access to the complete survey data, as well as transcripts to all of the focus groups. Click the links below for more info: 

Reminder: Minnesota Equity Blueprint Blastoff gathering December 2 & 16

The first Blueprint Blastoff, originally planned for Nov. 18, will now take place on Dec. 2 from 12-1 p.m. The second Blastoff will still take place on Dec. 16 at the same time. Please sign up! We would really like your input to draft an agenda for the 2021-22 legislative session and update the recommendations of the Minnesota Equity Blueprint. Our current recommendations are based on the executive summary of the Blueprint, which you can read here. Let us know how you think we should update those recommendations. You can sign up for the Blastoffs here— if you can't make it to both, you can still sign up to attend one! If you register, please fill out this Google form, which will ask you to select your number one priority so that we can both organize breakout rooms and gauge priorities prior to the meetings. Hope to see you there!


"Despite the state having on its books State Statute 16c and federal Section 3 statutes that are legally required to be implemented, the actual utilization of ALANA businesses has hovered around 2 percent of all state funding over the last 20 years. The ALANA business gap is an estimated $67 billion that could have closed dramatically if these policies were implemented. The state can effectively use its spending to grow and expand ALANA businesses." — from The Minnesota Solution presented by Dr. Bruce Corrie, at the House Select Committee on Racial Justice, Oct. 20 

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