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ENEWS: Equity Partnerships, Legislative Priorities, and Safe Holidays

Date Published: 11/25/2020

Author: Jane Leonard

Dear Readers: 

In this atypical Thanksgiving week, in an exceedingly difficult year, we offer our great THANKS for your encouragement, ideas, and moral and financial support in 2020. After premiering the Minnesota Equity Blueprint in late February, the COVID-19 shutdown hit, and we really weren't sure we would make it to 2021, along with many other organizations in the nonprofit and for-profit universe. We have instead seen our mission and our work in growth and justice grow exponentially as the harsh spotlights of COVID-19 and racial injustice reveal the wide-open cracks of disparity in our economy and society. We are busier than ever laying tracks towards a Minnesota Community where Equity is our North Star and Everyone Belongs. Please join the journey in 2021, with your wisdom, and if you can, your financial support. Let's help 2021 be amazing and good for all!  Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions and ideas. Have a safe and happy holiday— and masks up!

Jane Leonard, President, Growth & Justice

We really need your input to draft legislative priorities! 

We know we’ve bugged you a few times already about our upcoming virtual Minnesota Equity Blueprint Blastoffs (Dec. 2 & 16, 12-1 p.m.), but it’s extremely important to use this opportunity to participate in the process of defining the priorities we will push during this legislative session. Let us know how we need to update our recommendations! Whether or not you are able to attend, please fill out this Google form to provide your input, and thank you to those who have already filled it out. If you can attend one or both Blastoffs (yay!), please fill out the form and register here. If you’d like to see what our current priorities are based off, you can do so by reading the executive summary of the Minnesota Equity Blueprint. This is a chance to directly engage with policy prioritization and help us advocate for equity to stay on the forefront of Minnesota’s agenda— you don’t want to miss it. 

“A Black and white history tour” in the Star Tribune 

Make sure to check out “A Black and white history tour” in the Star Tribune’s Opinion section, written by Louis Porter II and Dane Smith! Louis is on G&J’s Board of Directors and Dane is a senior fellow and our President Emeritus. As we look toward the new U.S. leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Louis and Dane give a rundown of several influential partnerships between Black and white Americans that have helped shape the course of our country’s history. As they articulate in their article, “Truly equal partnership builds trust and deepens understanding of what the other person really thinks and feels, and how their culture has shaped them.”


"There's reason to believe that many new bonds [between Black and white Americans] were created in the wave of multiracial calls for change after the killing of George Floyd.... Among the Minnesota optimists on this score is Vivian Jenkins Nelsen, G & J Board member and co-founder of INTERRACE, a think tank promoting interracial cooperation, who says that 'these collaborations are the spirit of our time ....There has been a change and our young people are involved. It's wonderful to see.'" — “A Black and white history tour,” Star Tribune

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