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ENEWS: Carbon Capture Gaining Ground, MN Rent Out of Reach, G&J Breakfasts

Date Published: 07/26/2019

Author: Sarah Leistico

Carbon Capture Gaining Ground

Climate action requires a comprehensive approach. MinnPost recently featured an op-ed by Dane Smith and Jack Ditmore from Growth & Justice that highlights how our ecosystems can be a part of the larger solution. While the progress towards energy efficiency and lowering emissions was null, the 2019 legislative session did have a few wins related to natural carbon capture. The op-ed touches on the complexity of private lands and the farm crisis, and connects the dots to a possible solution from the Working Lands Watershed Restoration Feasibility Study in 2018. Closing with a call-to-action the op-ed suggests, “Strategies built on renewable energy and conservation are critical, but will not be enough by themselves. Natural climate solutions by themselves won’t fix the climate problem, either. Neither is a panacea. We need to pursue a broad portfolio of strategies.”

MHP Reports Rent out of Reach for Many

Lack of affordable housing in Minnesota ripples out into other sectors of our communities, from healthcare to education to workforce. Earlier this week the Minnesota Housing Partnership released “Out of Reach Minnesota 2019” a sobering report on the status of rising rent and wage gaps across the state. Some critical findings are: 1) Full-time minimum wage earners can’t afford a one bedroom in any of Minnesota’s 87 counties. 2) The majority of Minnesota’s most in-demand jobs don’t pay adequate enough wages to afford one-bedroom apartment rent. 3) Even at average wages of $15.53 per hour, renters can only afford a one-bedroom apartment in less than a quarter of Minnesota’s counties. Read the full report here.

RSVP for the Next G&J Breakfast

Growth & Justice hosted another iteration of our Umbrella Breakfast Series this week– with a focus on racial equity. After Jane Leonard updated the crowd on Thriving by Design and Minnesota Equity Blueprint initiatives, Growth & Justice board member Vivian Jenkins Nelson introduced and welcomed Former Commissioner of the MN Department of Human Rights, CEO of the Minnesota Humanities Center, and fellow board member Kevin Lindsey to the podium. Kevin Lindsey addressed several interrelated topics affecting Minnesota, from racial disparities in youth to income equality to the climate crisis. Engaging Q&A included issues such as racial disparities in suspensions, growing attainment gaps, and establishing more leaders of color throughout our society. Thank you to all who were able to join! The next breakfast will be August 21, with a special focus on environmental equity. RSVP for the final breakfast via Eventbrite.


Quote: Another study, published in Science Advances in November 2018, finds that natural climate solutions – such as reforestation, planting cover crops, and limiting conversion of grassland to farmland – could mitigate as much as one-fifth of the net annual greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, approximately the equivalent of removing greenhouse gas emissions by all of the cars and trucks in the country.”  - Excerpt from MinnPost op-ed entitled “Natural carbon capture and ‘working lands’ are gaining ground in climate-action playbook”.

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