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ENEWS: G&J Welcomes Kevin Lindsey, Solar in St. Cloud, Blueprint in Little Falls

Date Published: 06/13/2019

Author: Dane Smith and Sarah Leistico

Kevin Lindsey is G&J’s Newest Board Member

Growth & Justice recently welcomed Kevin Lindsey to our Board of Directors. Lindsey served as the State of Minnesota’s Commissioner of Human Rights for eight years under the Dayton administration and has recently been chosen to lead the Minnesota Humanities Center. During his time as Minnesota Commissioner of Human Rights, Lindsey worked across Minnesota with businesses to implement diversity and equity practices.  He vice-chaired the Governor’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, and his experience with human rights in the workplace very much aligns with the type of skills and leadership Growth & Justice celebrates in our organization.

Solar in St. Cloud

Who knew that the City of St. Cloud produces over 260% of the renewable energy that it needs through solar gardens and hydro energy?   In a recent St. Cloud Times article about solar energy, business owners, city officials, and others weigh in on the economic benefits of renewable energy infrastructure in the area. St. Cloud Public Services Director Patrick Shea reports that St. Cloud’s solar initiative saved nearly a quarter of a million dollars in 2018 and businesses and individuals also are reducing energy costs.  The article notes that not everyone has the means to install solar panels on their home, and that’s where cooperatives, like Cooperative Energy Futures and other community solar providers come in.  A large solar development in the works north of St. Cloud, pending approval from state authorities,  promises to be the largest solar producer in Minnesota.

Register for Little Falls Blueprint Rollout

The next rollout of the Minnesota Equity Blueprint – with special focus on economic development- was featured in the Brainerd Dispatch and will be released on June 26, 2019, from 3 to 5 PM at Sprout Growers and Makers Marketplace in Little Falls, MN.   Join us for a central Minnesota focused event, with local and regional highlights from the Region Five Development Commission, Rural Renewable Energy Alliance, Five Wings Art Council, Initiative Foundation and others.  The Little Falls event will be the second of five rollouts in 2019, with Infrastructure, Climate Action & Natural Resources, and Democracy to follow in other locations across Minnesota. RSVP via Eventbrite

Quote: “It kind of wipes out the electric bill.” --Leo Zimmerman, owner of the General Rental Center, quoted in St. Cloud Times article above, describing how his solar panels actually return power to the grid and provide shelter for the equipment he rents.

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