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ENEWS: 2019 Legislative Priorities for One Minnesota

Date Published: 01/18/2019

Author: Dane Smith

Our 2019 Legislative Priorities Outlined, for an Equitable and Indivisible Minnesota

At press conferences in St. Paul and St. Cloud this week, Growth & Justice and OneMN.Org outlined legislative priorities for the 2019 Legislature that reinvest in ALL our human potential, reduce demographic disparities, accelerate climate action and rebuild our infrastructure.    We were joined at these events by dozens of individuals representing organizations that are helping us work toward a One Minnesota Equity Blueprint.  To see coverage of the event and hear more about the Blueprint, check out The Uptake (scroll down to the sixth post on MN House Channel 2) and WCCO Radio’s Think Tank of the Air podcasts.   General and specific policy recommendations include:   redoubled efforts toward racial equity in education attainment and employment and economic outcomes;  acceleration of renewable energy conversion;  expanding health care coverage with a Minnesota Care buy-in option; more investment in physical infrastructure that includes highways in Greater Minnesota and transit and mobility needs in all regions; welcoming immigrants and expanding opportunities for economic and social prosperity; more flexibility in the regulatory and tax obligations for farmers and rural child-care providers and affordable housing developers; tax credits and deductions for lower-income families; and reinforcing the basic needs safety net, along with boosting  wages and benefits for all low-income workers.  To see the complete document listing all these priorities go to our website, www.growthandjustice.org

Quote:  “We’ve achieved extraordinary inclusion and systems change before — now we need to achieve them for everyone. In 25 years, the United States will have a people-of-color majority, and with one-third of the population suffering from economic insecurity, the nation is at a tipping point. Now is the time to align efforts across issue areas, sectors, and geographies to get equity right for those who have been left behind, so we can all share in the benefits of reaching our collective full potential.” -- Michael McAfee, President and CEO of PolicyLink, in recent report, “One Hundred Million and Counting:  A Portrait of Economic Insecurity in the United States.”

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