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ENEWS: ‘Tis the Season, for Supporting Equitable Growth!

Date Published: 12/07/2017

Author: Dane Smith

’Tis the Season, for Supporting Equitable Growth!

In the seasonal spirit of sharing our blessings and bounty, please consider a gift to Growth & Justice, to help us advance public policies that build a more equitable Minnesota. Growth & Justice embodies the legacy and communitarian spirit of our North Star State, through non-partisan advocacy for a “One Minnesota” policy framework and growing our economy by investing in human capital and reducing our disparities, whether they be economic, racial, gender-based, or regional. Click here to give to Growth & Justice before the end of the year.

The Big Scrooge: Congressional Tax Cuts Worsen Inequality

Growth & Justice focuses on state and local public policy in Minnesota, but we are deeply concerned about the monumental regressive impact of the tax bills working their way through Congress. Consensus is overwhelming from non-partisan sources that both House and Senate versions will dramatically worsen economic inequality and racial disparity, particularly in progressive states like Minnesota, where governments and non-profits invest more in human capital and toward socio-economic vitality and equity. Our Invest in Minnesota partners at the Minnesota Budget Project and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits have been working hard to push back against these tax bills and they provide tools that we all can use to voice our opposition. Below are some updates, highlights, and opportunities for civic engagement from the Minnesota Budget Project:

MCN’s Minnesota Budget Project and MCNs media statements on the Senate bill.
Child Tax Credit in Senate tax bill provides minimal benefits to working families, harms immigrant families
Fiscally irresponsible Senate tax plan prioritizes corporate tax cut, many everyday Americans made worse off
It’s time to speak out about the Senate tax plan!
High-income households get largest share of tax cuts, and their share gets bigger over time
Social media tools you can use today to spread concern about these bills.
Register here for MCNs upcoming Policy Briefing on Dec 13th!

Watch the Minnesota Budget Project’s blog and Twitter for updated information on this fast-moving legislation and see MCNs federal policy page for key opportunities and language for engagement.

Quote of the Week

"This proposal (U.S. House tax bill) would primarily help wealthy individuals rather than small businesses" ––John Arensmeyer, CEO of the Small Business Majority

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