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ENEWS: On Helping Each Other Across the Divides

Date Published: 12/20/2017

Author: Dane Smith

Tis the Season, for Supporting Equitable Growth!

In the seasonal spirit of sharing our blessings and bounty, please consider a gift to Growth & Justice, to help us advance public policies that build a more equitable Minnesota. Growth & Justice embodies the legacy and communitarian spirit of our North Star State, through non-partisan advocacy for a “One Minnesota” policy framework and growing our economy by investing in human capital and minimizing our disparities, whether they be economic, racial, gender-based, or regional. Click here to give to Growth & Justice before the end of the year.

Helping Each Other, Across the Divide, in Rural MN

Also in the spirit of giving and good will to all, Policy Fellow Tom Legg, in our latest blogpost, shows very specifically how good folks in Aitkin County are quietly working together to help their less fortunate neighbors, despite their partisan and ideological divisions.  From the post:  “A dominant narrative in mainstream and social media suggests our nation and state has lost its sense of community, that partisan and ideological rancor hopelessly divides us, from Congress to our holiday dinner tables, and that we have little interest in helping each other. A notion that a spirit of meanness pervades our rural regions is particularly prevalent, and indeed there are enough examples of bigotry and xenophobia and disregard for the poor to concern us all. But every day in lots of ways, good people are working quietly across these divisions in my own rural community, and I have every reason to believe, in others too.”

Project "StoryMaps" Pinpoint Rural Sustainability

Check out this outstanding “storymap” of homegrown efforts in Greater Minnesota toward sustainability.  The map pinpoints local efforts to create: sustainable agriculture and food systems, tourism, resilient communities, clean energy, and better use of local natural resources.  Growth & Justice, as part of our One Minnesota Rural Equity Project, has been learning and working with the creator of the map, the Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, under University of Minnesota Extension. 

Quote of the Week

“‘Business!' cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. `Mankind was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The deals of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!’”––Charles Dickens, from a Christmas Carol, with one of the more enlightened 19th Century observations on the business of business.

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