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ENEWS: You Are Invited: Connecting “Urban Currents” to Our Rural Project

Date Published: 03/16/2017

Author: Dane Smith

You Are Invited: Connecting "Urban Currents" to Our Rural Project

You are invited to a free breakfast presentation on Tuesday March 28, and an overview of our Minnesota Rural Equity Project.  We'll describe how the project fits into a "One Minnesota" metro-rural framework for business growth and a more inclusive economy.  The headline for the event, "Bridging the Political Divide: Urban Condescension & Rural Resentment" is drawn from our recent Star Tribune commentary.  Our host is the "Urban Currents" discussion series, sponsored by the Cuningham Group, an architecture and design firm.  The event begins at 7:30 a.m. (presentation at 8 a.m.), at Main St. SE, Suite 325, Minneapolis.  Seating is limited, so please RSVP to Urban Currents and the Cuningham Group soon!


Positive Impact of Immigrants on Business in MN

The Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition has released a comprehensive study and a new interactive research tool showing in impressive detail how immigrants are improving our state's economy and quality of life.  Among the multitude of benefits: most of our total state dairy herd is now cared for by immigrant farm workers; more than a fifth of our manufacturing workers are foreign-born; immigrants accounted for almost a third of state population growth from 2000 to 2013; and immigrants contributed $22 billion and about 8 percent of total state GDP in 2013 .


Quote of the Week

"The research underscores once again that we must welcome immigrants if Minnesota's economy is to continue to develop and grow." Bill Blazar, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce senior vice president of public affairs and business development, in support of Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition study.

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