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ENEWS: Only one month left - 2016 Legislative Session

Date Published: 04/26/2016


With just a month left of the shortened 2016 legislative session, Growth & Justice is working in tandem with several nonpartisan coalitions, seeking policies and investments to expand prosperity and improve the lives of ALL Minnesotans.

We stand with these coalitions and initiatives and urge you to follow our progress and calls to action:  






Education Partnership Coalition Report

Growth & Justice has persistently advocated for comprehensive, birth-to-career community-based education partnerships. In 2015 we were instrumental in bringing rural and urban groups together to successfully secure $6 million for such partnerships. Read the new report on impressive progress resulting from this work.

Access to Democracy Interview

On a recent episode of Access to Democracy, a Burnsville-Eagan Community Television show, host Alan Miller engaged G&J president Dane Smith in a conversation about the promising “Career Pathways” model for workforce development. They also discussed Minnesota’s demographics and how public investments in human capital, infrastructure, and economic justice are good for business growth.

Guest Blog: Raising Arizona

Our most recent guest blogger, Monica Manning, is a former community college dean and was the first director of the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership. A recent transplant to Arizona, Manning juxtaposes taxes, racial inequality and public services of the two states in a fascinating blog post.


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