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ENEWS: Legislative Priorities | The Extraordinary Life of Martin Olav Sabo

Date Published: 03/24/2016


Hungry for Equity in Higher Education

In our latest commentary, published by MinnPost, students of color share firsthand accounts about pursuing higher education and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome to succeed. The students were recently featured speakers at our forum, Hungry for Equity, which focused of finding ways to eliminate Minnesota’s unacceptable disparities in educational attainment and employment. Visit our website to learn more about the forum and the policy objectives that emerged as favorites. 

Legislative Priorities: Workforce Equity, Disparities, and Public Investment

The 2016 legislative session is well underway and Growth & Justice is working closely with several nonpartisan coalitions seeking policies and investments to expand prosperity and improve the lives of ALL Minnesotans.

MSPWin is a collaborative pushing for the expansion of funding for “Career Pathways” programs which help low-income adults rapidly acquire credentials that put them in livable wage careers.

The Education Partnership Coalition is calling for expanded funding for highly organized, holistic, and local rural and urban education partnerships.

The Invest in Minnesota Campaign and the Minnesota Budget Project are pushing for expansion of the Working Family Tax Credit and other provisions that ensure a more progressive tax system and ample revenues for public investment.

Transportation Forward is a statewide coalition seeking a major transportation funding package that increases investment in bus and rail systems, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and roads and bridges.

The MinneMinds coalition is seeking the "A Better Chance Act", increased investment early education scholarships and a variety of policies that ensure high-quality early childhood development for low-income families and communities of color.

Celebrating Martin Olav Sabo

For the last week, Minnesotans have been mourning the loss and celebrating the life of former Congressman and Minnesota House Speaker Martin Olav Sabo. As a Growth & Justice Board member, Martin epitomized the constructive, practical and progressive mindset, and the over-arching concern for the common good, that guides our work and he will be deeply missed.

Sabo was understated and avoided the limelight, but was highly effective at working across the aisle. He was one of the state leaders most responsible for Minnesota’s enduring reputation as a “good government” state where both business growth and economic justice are valued.

To learn more about Sabo’s extraordinary life, we encourage you to check out the following video and articles:

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