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It’s time to speak up for early childhood and transportation investments

Date Published: 05/05/2015

Author: Growth & Justice


As the 2015 legislative session enters its final month, Growth & Justice is working hard in support of workforce equity and alignment, community-based education partnerships, and major new investments in our early childhood and transportation infrastructure systems. Key highlights:

Early Childhood Needs Your Help
Minnesota’s level of early childhood investment is currently in the hands of the Education conference committee, where decisions will be made about the amount of funding for early learning scholarships. Growth & Justice is a charter member of the MinneMinds coalition, which is asking supporters to send a message to their legislators, asking them to tell Education Conference Committee members to make a large investment in early learning scholarships part of the education package. Send a message to your legislators today!

MoveMN Offers Soundest Transportation Plan
Few public investments are more important to sustainable business growth than transportation and transit. Minnesota’s well documented decline in the condition of infrastructure has produced bipartisan resolve to invest, but the House plan draws too much from other important investments in education and economic security. We urge you to weigh in and contact your legislator in support of new funding for transportation needs.

Workforce Equity Imperative
In our most recent Capitol Report op-ed we reinforce the importance of workforce training and higher education policy reforms. We outline eight specific kinds of policies and investments for aligning skills and training to jobs in demand, while reducing racial disparities in employment and workforce readiness. Our column also highlights the Itasca Project’s recent brief, which outlines how a more diverse workforce brings competitive advantages.

We’re hearing lots of buzz recently around this excellent Brookings analysis of our region’s workforce disparities, and Minnesota’s promising response. The tone and content of the Brookings report fits closely with our own Workforce Equity project.
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