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Workforce Equity for a Competitive Economy

Strong economic growth in Minnesota and the Twin Cities presents a golden opportunity to close our unacceptable racial disparities in employment and for employers and policymakers to pursue a variety of promising strategies that build toward greater workforce equity.

Minnesota’s business leaders, economists and philanthropists agree that we must dramatically increase the numbers of skilled workers with the right training and credentials to replace aging baby boomers. And there is consensus that we can only do this by reducing some of our nation’s widest racial and economic disparities  in employment and workforce readiness, affecting our fastest-growing populations. Experts have reached an overwhelming consensus  that closing gaps in opportunity, educational attainment and employment are crucial for our state’s long-term economic vitality.

Over the last year, we have published a series of policy reports that describe the “Inseparable Imperatives” of economic growth, reducing racial and economic disparities, and improving workforce training. These reports cite promising programs and interventions, and recommend policy changes.

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