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Health Care

Prosperity is not just about income, but also about living well. Most of the policy attention on health matters focuses on how care is delivered rather than on how healthy we are — and what impact the health of our population has on its ability to learn and work productively. Although Minnesota ranks 3rd nationally in healthy life expectancy, we have some solvable pipeline problems that are likely to cost us in future years if we fail to address them now. Reforms, including innovation in health care delivery, have failed to diminish racial disparities in health or guarantee affordable access to quality care for all Minnesotans. Our health care costs are rising at an unsustainable rate. Minnesotans are losing ground.

Growth & Justice set out to investigate whether, by moving toward a unified system and thereby reducing fragmentation, administrative complexity and fraud, and by countering the pricing power of our consolidated insurance and provider markets, Minnesota can establish stable, affordable access to health care for every Minnesotan without increasing total health care spending.

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