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We know a well-educated populace strengthens the economy. And education puts individual Minnesotans in a better position to earn a decent living. That's why we believe the state should adopt the strategic goal of 75 percent of all students successfully completing a post-high school academic degree or workforce credential.

Under-investment in public education has dire consequences. Each new “class” of high school dropouts could cost Minnesota more than $10 billion over the course of their lifetimes. Without postsecondary attainment, families are less able to earn a good living, and Minnesota will fall short of the workforce needed to compete globally. 
Minnesota can thank education investments for its economic success over the past decades. Investing in education through proven, cost-effective programs now can position the state for economic leadership for decades to come.
 Through research and community engagement, Growth & Justice developed Smart Investments in Minnesota’s Students, which offers a strategic plan for improving educational outcomes for Minnesotans, from birth through college. Informed by research and a wide spectrum of stakeholders, the project highlights effective evidence-based practices, measures, and methods of accountability.

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