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Economic Development

Growth & Justice aims to help policymakers and economic development officials wisely invest Minnesota's limited public resources to strengthen the economy and job growth through:

  • Assistance for businesses, entrepreneurs and laid-off workers
  • Long-term approaches to sustain economic development
  • Tests to ensure real economic development impacts

The public sector plays a role in both long- and short-term economic development in our state. In an economic recovery, this role is even more important. By assisting businesses, laid-off workers and entrepreneurs, along with wise use of available federal funding, the state can emerge stronger. Smart approaches to long-term development, including investments in education and infrastructure, avoiding company-specific tax breaks, and a focus on strengths and growth drivers, can help Minnesota increase economic growth and prosperity.

Guiding principles for state and local economic development policy:

  • Public policies influence growth, but do not supplant the private sector.
  • Public economic efforts should focus on factors under the influence of the government.
  • Efforts are cost effective.
  • Policies benefit both businesses and the workforce.
  • People and areas of the state most in need receive attention.
  • Regional efforts complement broader statewide policy.
  • The state's natural resources are protected.

Targeted economic development policy will strengthen Minnesota's economy in the short term, while putting the pieces in place for a prosperous future.

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