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Accountability & Redesign

There's broad support for more public investment in Minnesota — provided citizens are convinced government will spend the money wisely and be held accountable for results. Our research on this topic seeks to answer such questions as:

  • How do we ensure public dollars in Minnesota are wisely spent to achieve specific outcomes?
  • How are state and local governments doing at holding themselves accountable for measurable results?
  • What structural or process changes could we make in our governments in order to do better?

We view state government as the instrument through which the people of Minnesota can accomplish what cannot be achieved by the private market or citizens alone, and to balance the diverse needs of our state. We expect our state government to be honest, accountable and responsive to people and respectful of our rights, and to provide or facilitate effective services for the public that:

  • Influence private behavior to protect citizens and natural resources from harm.
  • Ensure a free flow of information to help us understand choices and make decisions wisely.
  • Invest in our people and public infrastructures.
  • Raise revenue fairly and spend it wisely.
  • Act as a catalyst for creating the future we envision for our state.

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