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Goals and targets to spur growth and expand prosperity

Action is needed

With statewide economic growth, prosperity and quality of life all tied to transportation, Minnesota needs a transportation system that is efficient, accessible, cost-effective and reliable. The state, its cities and its counties face challenges on those fronts. Already playing catch-up after many years of insufficient investment, Minnesota has yet to adequately address many emerging transportation concerns posed by current and projected transportation needs. Both fiscal constraints and environmental concerns are forcing careful and creative thinking about smart approaches to transportation in Minnesota. We can’t just do more of the same.  Read More

Transportation goals and measures

Four major transportation goals for the state:

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Transportation funding

Funding is required for quality public-sector infrastructure and systems. Even highly cost-effective approaches to transportation generally come with costs – for technology, for the planning and implementation of land use changes, or for construction of redesigned thoroughfares, for example. Money also is needed for maintenance and upkeep of Minnesota’s existing and extensive transportation infrastructure. New construction – including high-impact, low-cost projects – certainly carries a price tag.  Read More

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