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Connecting communities in Greater Minnesota

Interregional corridors

Minnesota’s priority interregional corridors (IRCs) – totaling about 3,000 centerline miles – link together the various cities that serve as major trade centers in Minnesota outside the Twin Cities metro region. IRCs make up 25 percent of the state highway system and 2 percent of Minnesota roads overall, but they carry more than one quarter of all vehicle miles traveled in the state and most of Minnesota’s freight traffic.  Read More

Intercity bus service

Intercity bus service – as distinct from rural transit service – carries passengers along a fixed route between two or more urban areas not in close proximity, with a limited number of stops along the route, a regular schedule for the bus service, and connections offered between different routes and service.  Read More

Intercity passenger rail service

In recent years, there has been increased interest in expanding the intercity passenger rail system in Minnesota. The interest stems in part from the fact that more people get on and off Amtrak trains in St. Paul than at any other Amtrak station with only one train per day arriving from each direction. Plus, passenger traffic at all of Minnesota’s other Amtrak stations is also greater than the national average.  Read More

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