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Greater Minnesota

Greater Minnesota is important, valuable and deserving of sufficient and smarter public investments to preserve and enhance communities and their economies.

Three sets of facts provide important perspective for developing a state strategy toward improved vitality for rural and non-metropolitan Minnesota.

Greater Minnesota depends on the public sector

Person for person, Greater Minnesotans rely on the public sector -- federal, state and local government -- significantly more than urban or suburban Twin Cities residents. A continuation or acceleration of anti-government, anti-tax policies and radical public-sector shrinkage is not likely to serve the short-term or long-term interests of rural and non-metro Minnesota.  Read More

Greater Minnesota economy remains worrisome

Our rural areas remain weaker economically than the Twin Cities. Although conditions vary greatly from region to region, Greater Minnesota still suffers from a stubborn prosperity and opportunity gap.  Read More

The importance of public investments

Public investments in education and workforce training, public infrastructure and amenities, broadband access and public health make the best sense for long-term vitality. Broadly developing human potential and improving and protecting the physical world are the best policies for revitalizing the greater state.  Plenty of sound ideas toward that end are already under consideration in Minnesota and in need of a further boost.  Read More

Conclusion: A call to action

Clearly, momentum is gathering. Rural leaders are ready to forge ahead under state leadership, enthusiastic about renewing the promise and potential of Greater Minnesota and willing to lead that charge. Perseverance and optimism are crucial. And we should not be afraid to ask for sacrifice and common effort by all Minnesotans on behalf of Greater Minnesota, including new revenues and reasonable tax increases for the investments that need to be made.  Read More

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