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A Smart Investment Agenda

A threatened Minnesota advantage

Minnesotans have created a more prosperous and a more fair society than exists in most other states and nations.  And we have accomplished this through a distinctive combination of free enterprise and a communitarian willingness to invest public money for the public good.  Call it the “Minnesota Advantage,” and consider it threatened.  Read More

Renew Minnesota through Smart Investments

The agenda begins with a vision that can be embraced by almost all Minnesotans.  We offer measurable goals for end-of-decade progress. And we provide examples of specific strategies that offer the best prospects for achieving that vision and those goals. Read More

Framing the issues

We suggest ways that candidates and policymakers can talk about public investment to make the case with voters and citizens: investing where it matters most, investing in what works, and investing cost-effectively for results.  This includes raising tax money fairly and sufficiently, and what it means to do that. Read More

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