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Transforming government toward sustained improvement

The people necessary to bring about transformation

To ignite and sustain the transformation of the culture and machinery of government, leaders at the state and local levels must focus on creating a highly flexible and adaptable work environment – an environment in which government officials are given the flexibility to hire new workers quickly, promote top talent, gather top experts to address complex challenges, and learn new skills that are critical to success and improved productivity.  Read More

The organizational infrastructure to support and sustain transformation

Although successfully implemented by their champions, innovative ideas and redesigned services do not necessarily survive and beget further improvements. Lessons learned show the need to establish an organizational infrastructure designed to ensure success for efforts that promote innovation and transform state and local government.  Read More

Restored faith in government

Research reported by the IBM Center for the Business of Government shows that when citizens are directly engaged with government, policy and service-level decisions are seen as more legitimate, are challenged less frequently, and have a greater success rate. Actively engaging citizens leads to increased trust in government. A Deloitte Research study of trends finds governments are discovering that one of the best ways to meet the rising expectations of citizens is to get citizens directly involved in designing programs and services.  Read More

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