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Governing with Accountability

Growth & Justice accountability principles

After more than a year of study and consultation with some of the state’s leading authorities on public-sector management, Growth & Justice developed six fundamental principles for governing with accountability.

Minnesota will ultimately achieve the most value from a consistently followed fiscal framework that defines policy intent, specifies expected outcomes and links funding to fact-based indicators that show initiatives are working.  Read More

Applied accountability: Real world opportunities

A Growth & Justice review of accountability research and conversations with state and national leaders in the government performance field produced some agreement, if not consensus, on specific budget areas and governmental functions that are most in need of attention. In particular, a number of major cost-driving challenges surfaced that present opportunities for reform.  Read More

Applied accountability: Models

The states of Washington and Oregon have established entities to carry out non-partisan accountability-related research and assess progress on performance.  Read More

Accountability initiatives and institutions in Minnesota

Efforts at improvement have been more or less constant in Minnesota’s public sector during the last 30 years, and this is an unappreciated fact. The news media tends to overlook it, preferring stories about government failures. Some governors and elected officials emphasize it more than others, but accountability and transparency efforts in the public sector are more prevalent and consistent than is commonly understood.  Read More

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