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Minnesota Equity Blueprint - Thriving By Design - Rural & Urban Together

The Blueprint is a “open source” document co-facilitated by Growth & Justice and OneMN.org and created with the members of the Thriving by Design Network — Rural & Urban Together (TBDN). Over the course
of 18 months, TBDN collected ideas, challenges, solutions, and action examples from over 300 Minnesotans at more than a dozen gatherings around the state, including two statewide gatherings. The process also included
input from many professionals working in the public, private-and non-profit sectors. The Growth & Justice research team analyzed more than 700 recommendations obtained through this multi-stage work and distilled
them into 141 recommendations, ranging from general strategies to specific policies.

The Blueprint has been designed not just for the Legislature or governmental decision-makers, but as a resource for individual and local community action. Story boxes throughout the document chronicle regional best practices and inspiring efforts to build a more equitable and inclusive economy.

Executive Summary

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Download Full Blueprint Here.                                        Chapter 1: Human Capital

Chapter 2: Economic Development

                                                                                                               Chapter 3: Infrastructure 
                                                                                                              Chapter 4: Environmental Resilience


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