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John Kolstad

Kolstad has been intensely studying the health care issue since 1993 and its effect on the economy, job retention and creation. During the 6 years he represented Far East Lake Street on the Lake Street Council, he studied the contributions, value and power of small independent business, which dominate Lake Street.

Kolstad administered the health insurance program for his company and was greatly frustrated by how much he paid for such a nebulous program. After a detailed study of the issue, it was clear that there is a solution, it will cost much less, give choice of Doc and hospital with better health outcomes. All other developed nations do this are see this outcome.

In addition to the benefits to all citizens, Mr Kolstad learned that the healthcare mess was retarding economic growth and job creation. It is not just expensive for business, it demands time and resources. He felt obligated to help his fellow citizens to understand this can be solved in a cost effective way. He began talking to people, business leaders, political activists, and elected officials.

In 2013 it is more compelling than ever. Many young people and working poor cannot afford health care and it reduces their quality of life. This also leaves disease untreated threatening the rest of the population.

Mr Kolstad takes very seriously the obligation of all United States citizens to actively pursue public policy that benefits the entire population; therefore he continues to work whenever possible for universal single payer health care.

Began study of health care in 1993 by facilitating a Study Circle on health care and health insurance in South Minneapolis.


Also known as Papa John Kolstad.

Papa John Kolstad/President, Mill City Music

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