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2014 Legislative Coalitions & Initiatives

As the 2014 Minnesota legislative session gets underway, we’re active in a number of coalitions and in advocating for policies that will lead to more sustainable business growth and greater economic justice.   If you are not already involved, we urge you to pitch in on one or more of these initiatives, participate in events, call your legislators or find other ways to support these initiatives and help move our state toward a more equitable and prosperous future.


The Move MN coalition consists of a large, diverse group of advocates that emphasizes how funding for transportation is critical to growing jobs, economic competitiveness and quality of life, and it directly impacts the missions of the diverse organizations and people we each serve. We believe it is crucial that the Minnesota Legislature pass a comprehensive transportation funding package in 2014 that requires additional transparency and efficiency for current resources and provides long-term sustainable funding for roads, bridges, transit, and bike and walk connections. Learn More


MinneMinds is a research-grounded consortium of supporting organizations and thought leaders from across the state with a common commitment to prioritizing Minnesota’s youngest in-need children as the most important investment for our state to make. In order to ensure all children are prepared to succeed in school and life, Minnesota needs to increase its annual investment in effective early education.   Research overwhelmingly shows that this really is investment, creating increased human productivity and lower public costs in later years. Learn More

Raise the Wage!

This is a broad coalition of community, faith, labor, non-profit and service-based organizations working together to:

Restore the Vote

Restore the Vote Minnesota is a coalition of groups who believe that restoring the right to vote for those living in the community will make the law more clear and equitable, save government resources, and encourage positive participation. We advocate changes to the law that would allow people who have served their time and are living in their community to vote. This reform will promote successful reintegration into the community, as voting can be a powerful, concrete and symbolic way to contribute to one’s community and to feel invested and empowered to play a positive role. Learn More

Invest in Minnesota

The Invest in Minnesota Campaign unites Minnesota’s faith communities, labor and nonprofit organizations. It was founded several years ago by the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and the AFL-CIO.  Invest in Minnesota is united around core principles of revenue sufficiency for public investments and a more progressive tax structure. Learn More

Public Benefit Corporations

The Public Benefit Corporations Act is a relatively new idea, but already authorized in many states, that could benefit Minnesota, its economy, and its stakeholders. This legislation will allow our entrepreneurs and investors to start, support, and grow Minnesota-based “social businesses” that create jobs and wealth in Minnesota at the same time they address social needs.   This coalition is still developing; watch our space for links and information as the session progresses.

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