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We can pay more ad makes headlines

Wealthy Minnesotans to state: We’ll pay more
Associated Press | June 22, 2006

Group of wealthy Minnesotans volunteer for tax increases
Minnesota Public Radio | June 22, 2006

Pawlenty scoffs at group that wants higher taxes
Minnesota Public Radio | June 23, 2006

Pawlenty encourages ad signers: send a check
Star Tribune | June 23, 2006

Some rich Minnesotans want to pay more taxes
Star Tribune | June 24, 2006

Going where candidates fear to tread
Star Tribune | June 26, 2006

Note to Pawlenty: Let the willing wealthy make their contribution
Pioneer Press | June 27, 2006

Our View Have a little extra money? Just send it to the state
Duluth News Tribune | June 27, 2006

Kudos to wealthy people willing to pay more
Duluth News Tribune | July 11, 2006

Tax cuts make some rich uneasy
The Capitol Times | July 12, 2006

If the state wants to improve, it has to pay for it
Duluth News Tribune | July 15, 2006

Joel Kramer, founder of Growth & Justice, wants the rich - himself included - to pay more taxes
Minnesota Monthly | August 22, 2006

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