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Think tank proposes tax reform

Date Published: 05/01/2009


Think tank proposes tax reform

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal | February 21, 2005

Growth & Justice, a St. Paul-based think tank, has proposed that Minnesota increase taxes on wealthy individuals and decrease taxes on businesses.

The organization said the reform will make the state's tax system fairer for families and better for economic growth.

Growth & Justice said the wealthiest Minnesotans should "pay at least their proportional share of the taxes," while those with less money should receive tax relief.

Meanwhile, the group said reducing taxes on businesses is important to encourage the creation and retention of good jobs in Minnesota.

Growth & Justice describes itself as a nonpartisan public policy institute focusing on ways to make Minnesota's economy more prosperous, fair and environmentally sustainable. Joel Kramer, who served as publisher and president of the Star Tribune from 1992 to 1998, is the organization's founder and executive director.

As appeared in The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal February 21, 2005 online edition.


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