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Transportation goals and measures

Goal: Improve travel time and efficiency for freight

Measure: Costs of freight per ton mile in Minnesota fall below the national benchmark for freight movement by truck, rail and water.

A well-functioning freight transportation system is essential for a strong, growing state economy. For the movement of goods and commodities, Minnesota faces challenges from an aging transportation infrastructure, upward trends in freight quantities, and larger freight vehicles.

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Goal: Better connect low-income Minnesotans to jobs and other important destinations

Measure: An increasing share of Minnesota’s low-income households hit the affordability range for transportation and housing costs, with the combined total below 45 percent of income.

Transportation improvements aimed at Minnesotans with low incomes and limited transportation options can link households to jobs. Access to other important destinations – schools, colleges and health care facilities – matters, too.

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Goal: Improve travel and travel choices for Minnesotans


To improve travel and travel choices, Minnesota and its communities must, of course, invest in roads and bridges. But beyond this, the public sector needs to find smart and innovative ways to use existing roadways more efficiently, change land-use patterns, increase transit and other alternatives to solo car travel, and otherwise lower demand for limited space on our highways.

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Goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation

Measure: Annual vehicle miles per capita decline 20 percent or more by 2025 from the 2009 level of 10,800.

The cars and trucks we drive make travel fast and convenient, but as our vehicles burn fossil fuels, they emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) that inflict serious damage on the environment. Reducing the number of miles we drive will help us reach Minnesota’s goals for GHG emissions – and it will pay off, too, in terms of lower costs for travelers and less wear and tear on the transportation infrastructure.

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