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Can Minnesota learn from North Dakota’s business model? Sure, if we strike oil.

Date Published: 06/13/2012


As someone who grew up in oil sale country and spent two summers working oil rigs during college, I often cast a jaundiced eye over claims that combine "economic growth," "business-friendly regulatory and tax climate" and "oil and gas industry."

Chances are, the writer is about to praise a government that is only starting to enjoy its first oil and gas boom before all the social costs have come due. High paying jobs and environmental problems tend to get noticed first, but there are also  housing shortages, crime, new demands of roads, schools and other public systems that cost money (which oil companies cover somewhat) and aggravation, which is almost completely paid for by the residents.

Earlier this month, I ran across a breezy opinion piece in the Duluth News Tribune titled, "A view from North Dakota: Minnesota can learn from North Dakota


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