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Top 10 Facts About our LOW Taxes

Date Published: 04/18/2012


The week when federal taxes are due predictably generates fist-shaking by the various forces for individualism and small government and, increasingly, counter-demonstrations by the "99 percent" who favor a stronger public sector and fairer economic outcomes.

But the basic fact that taxes actually are lower in the United States and in Minnesota--lower overall than in other wealthy nations and lower for the wealthy in our country than at any time in recent decades--is often missed by news media coverage of the sign-waving by both sides.

The most crisp presentation of these realities I've seen recently comes from the national group Demos, along with The American Prospect, which produced the following "Top 10 Tax Facts." Growth & Justice was a partner last year with Demos in a report on the declining security of Minnesota's middle class.

1. The government has collected less in taxes as a proportion of the economy in the past three years than it has in any three-year period since World War II, and tax rates are at historic lows.

2. One out of three multi-millionaires pays a lower percentage of their income in taxes than the vast majority of people making $60,000 a year.

3. House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan


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