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Rothschild book offers business sense for all social justice enterprises

Date Published: 03/07/2012


There are limitations to the truism that "government ought to run more like a business," or that everything ought to be run like a business, but there's a new book out with a lot of wisdom and practical tips on how every enterprise focused on social justice can learn from business principles. The book is "The Non Nonprofit" and the author is Steve Rothschild, a prominent Twin Citian who was a successful vice president at General Mills and the even more celebrated founder of Twin Cities RISE!, a program that's shown real results in reducing poverty. Steve's a clear and convincing writer and the book is full of real world examples that will resonate with Minnesotans. He offers seven principles on which nonprofits and those of us interested in expanding prosperity should focus, focus, focus:

1. Have a Clear and Appropriate Purpose, 2. Measure What Counts, 3. Be Market Driven, 4. Create Mutual Accountability, 5. Support Personal Empowerment, 6. Create Economic Value from Social Benefit, and 7. Be Learning Driven. And there's a great section at the back of the book with advice on what policymakers and government officials can do to instill these principles. Social justice has its own righteous purpose but linkage to business growth and business principles makes it all the more compelling.

Dane Smith   

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