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After Labor Day, keep working on economic justice

Date Published: 09/07/2009


I had the great privilege of delivering the Labor Day Sunday sermon at my church (Unity Church, Unitarian Universalist, in St. Paul). I offered the best I could find from Abraham Lincoln, the Bible, Catholic and Lutheran teachings on social justice, and recent economic studies to make the case that we have an inequality problem in Minnesota and the nation. And it was a treat to get Donna Summer's great song, "She Works Hard for the Money'' into the liturgy as the postlude.  

Here's one point I made about labor and fairness, and democratic and religious traditions.

As Americans we mark our progress by looking back at forms of liberation from exploitation of labor. In our western hemisphere, we look back in horror at the forced conversion and attempted enslavement of aboriginal people to Christendom and efforts to bring them under the English and Spanish or French yoke. We are proud of the American Revolution and our fight against the illegitimate seizure, without representation, of our labor. We are proud of the great fight led by liberal religious founders of our own Unitarian Universalist denomination against the enslavement of African people. Interestingly, southern defenders of slavery used the Bible


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